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Behavioral Consulting Associates (BCA) specializes in provision of applied behavior analysis
(ABA) services to children with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental
disabilities. The services involve individualized teaching of basic skills to enable children with
developmental disabilities to function independently at home, at school, and in the community.
These skills include cooperation, social skills, language development, play skills, gross motor
skills, fine motor skills, reading skills, math skills, writing skills, spelling skills, dressing skills,
eating skills, toileting skills, and other skills necessary for achievement of a normal quality of

All services rendered by BCA are provided by Board Certified Behavior Analysts who each have
over ten years of professional experience serving developmentally-disabled individuals with a
variety of diagnoses and challenges. BCA works closely with families, support staff, and other
professional service providers to minimize the impact of such conditions on a person's life.

Services are provided in a variety of natural settings, including homes, schools, childcare
centers, churches, libraries, parks, stores, medical offices, and other relevant places in the
community. Services are available in Clarksville TN, Fort Campbell KY, and the surrounding
area, and can be provided by a male or female consultant. Our normal business hours are
8:45 AM to 5:15 PM, Monday through Friday, and an on-call number is also available in the event
that a phone consultation is needed between appointments.

BCA is dedicated to rendering services in a caring and compassionate manner with a
commitment to continuous quality improvement. Our vision is to promote independence and
achievement of personal goals for every person we serve.
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